Page Management System

Inside the "Pages" section of the administration dashboard, the web-site administrator is able to create new pages, edit or delete existing pages.

The page content is securely extracted from the scripts database and is laid out visually to ensure that the web-site administrator can easily see, at a glance, the status of any published, pending or premium pages.

Created page content can be created from within this section and omitted from the page navigation widget, this content can then be linked to from other areas and is ideal for extra content pages.

From within this section the web-site can perform the following tasks related to web-site page management:

Create A New Content Page

From within the pages management section, web-site administrators are able to create new content pages.

  • Create new content pages.
  • Set pages to premium or not premium.
  • Edit existing pages.
  • Delete pages.
  • Publish or un-publish pages individually or in bulk.
  • Add a page to the pages widget, this content will then be displayed anywhere the page widget is included.
  • Add or remove page link from the navigation drop down menu individually or in bulk.
  • Decide on page layout. Full width pages or alternatively pages with a left or right side-bar.
  • Enter the title for your new page, this will be converted to a SEO friendly format for all links and site meta data.
  • Decide if the page will have a link included in web-site page navigation menu.
  • Enter page content, with the options to include, images, video, YouTube content, Adsense adverts, Amazon banners and links.