Advertising Revenue Share System

A superb way to encourage site visitors to contribute content is to offer an incentive.

The advertising revenue share system utilizes a custom coded revenue share system where contributing authors can earn a percentage of any revenue generated on the pages that host their content.

Inside the administration dashboard settings section, under the Monetization settings tab, the site admin can set up how the revenue will be shared in a percentage value.

There are two levels, standard authors and upgraded authors (authors can pay to become upgraded from inside their own dashboard).

The percentage revenue share that the site admin sets will determine how much of the revenue each author earns. The default percentage is 50% for standard authors and 70% for upgraded authors.

Revenue Share System

An author enters their own Adsense publisher id number or Amazon affiliate code into the relevant section of their control dashboard.

The author then creates content.

Each time a site visitor views one of the authors contributed content, Adsense adverts or Amazon adverts are displayed on the page.

If the author is a standard author Adsense adverts or Amazon adverts with his code will be shown 50% of the time.

If the author is an upgraded author Adsense adverts or Amazon adverts with his code will be shown 70% of the time.

Because the Adsense adverts or Amazon adverts have the authors own code inserted, any earnings will be paid directly into their own Adsense or Amazon account.