Support System With FAQ & Help Tickets Management

Included with all the Network39 PHP scripts is a complete customer support management section that includes a help ticket system, knowledge base system and a frequently asked questions system.

The web-site administrator can set unlimited support categories.

Once inside the backend support section, the web-site administrator can manage the knowledge base. Admins can add unlimited knowledge base categories and assign unlimited information snippets to the knowledge base, they can also make any information snippet a frequently asked question.

Help Tickets Management

Registered users can submit a help ticket to web-site administration from within their own user control panel.

The submitted help ticket will then show as an active ticket in the administrators control panel waiting to be answered by an administrator.

Once answered the user that submitted the ticket will receive an email to inform them that their help ticket has been responded to. Once completed the help ticket can be set to closed and moved to archive.

Knowledge Base Management

Create a knowledge base for web-site visitors.

The web-site administrator has the ability to create unlimited knowledge base categories and then assign unlimited information snippets to these categories

This is a great way of giving web-site visitors information that they may be looking for without the need to actually contact the web-site administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions Management

Once the knowledge base categories and information snippets have been created, any one of the information snippets can be flagged as a frequently asked question

These information snippets will then be included in the frequently asked questions section in a question/answer format, making it easy for web-site visitors to find answers to their questions.