Always 100% Responsive Design

When PHP script developers say that their product is fully responsive, unfortunatley, most of the time this is not always the whole truth!

Many PHP web-site scripts, that claim 100% responsiveness, fall short when dealing with backend user data-tables. The backend datatables within all of the network39 PHP scripts have been designed to reduce and expand for all screen sizes without losing important display data.

All the Network39 PHP scripts built on top of the latest Bootstrap framework and therefore are 100% fully responsive, this means 100% responsive for administration as well as front end users. All of the backend data-tables will reduce and expand perfectly for whatever screen size the site visitor is using.

We feel that when a huge percentage of internet users prefer to view web pages via mobile devices, the only option is to run a web-site that will render perfectly regardless of what size screen your visitors choose to use.

To test the responsiveness of any of our PHP scripts, visit the script demo and resize your browser window to simulate different screen sizes.